Update (2023-05-30) - Got the WebGL build to work for Quidl so updating the page for it!

My entry for the GameDev.tv Game Jam 2023.

Play as Quidl, a cute jelly character who can change states from jelly to solid and to gas (and back again)!

Quidl is my experimental softbody game. I had very little time during the 10 days to work on this and spent most of my time on the physics. This game needs a ton of polishing and better graphics and sound. I think it has potential.

I composed the music for the game, which I'm pretty proud of.

Features that made it into the game:

  • A somewhat functional 2D softbody physics engine for Unity.
  • Ability to inflate with water (waterlogged).
  • Ability to freeze into an ice cube (when inflated with water) when standing in front of the cooling vent.
  • Ability to thaw back to waterlogged when standing in front of the heating vent.
  • Ability to "evaporate" into gaseous form when waterlogged and standing in front of the heating vent for longer (this needs way better graphics).
  • Death if you're in front of a heating grate for too long when normal.
  • Music that changes when you change states (but stays in sync).
  • Level enabling/disabling/transition all within one scene to keep it performant.

Features I really wanted but didn't have time to include:

  • More levels, including at least one level that made use of the gaseous form.
  • Cloud/fog effects for the body when in gaseous form.
  • Ability to "charge up" in cloud form and release lightning bolts, to unlock/solve other puzzles.
  • Softbody simulated water when releasing water from waterlogged form to normal (or as rain when in gaseous form). Ability to suck water back up again if it pools somewhere accessible.
  • Better visual and audio transitions between states (most have no SFX at all).
  • Way more SFX.
  • Options screen where you use Quidl to enable/disable SFX/music.
  • Ability to restart the game without reloading.
  • Way better graphics (I'm not an artist).


  • 0.9.2 - Based on feedback fixed issues where gaps in the floor allowed the player to fall outside the level into forever. Fixed a bug where the player's body temperature doesn't go back to normal if they're waterlogged. Balanced the heat vent better so it doesn't kill you as fast.
  • 0.9.1 - Fixed a bug in level 2 in the Windows Build that prevents you from completing that level (you're supposed to freeze into an ice cube but a quiet exception was being thrown behind the scenes). Reduced respawn delay.
  • 0.9 - Initial Release


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i bet that Quidl will be a full platform puzzler if the waterlogged can squeeze into the pipe super easy to get to the next level you know